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How To Create Іmаgеs Wіth Тrаnsраrеnt Васkgrоunds Using Photoshop CS4

Sometimes when designing a site, you might get an image or picture of an object which you wish to remove from its desktop and then display it off the background.

The following steps will allow you to remove an image from its background using Photoshop CS4 and store it in a format allowing background transparency. At the completion of the tutorial, you will be able to place images devoid of their desktop into web-pages and programs.

  1. Step 1) Open Photoshop and go to ‘file,’ ‘open’ and then browse to the picture that you wish to remove from its desktop.
  2. Step 2) In your ‘Tools’ Menu bar (If you can’t find this go to ‘Window’ in your main menu and make sure that ‘Tools’ is ticked in the drop-down list) select the ‘Quick Selection Tool.’ If you can’t see this tool, then you will have to the right click on the ‘Magic Wand’ tool and select it in the drop-down list (alternatively you can use the shortcut method by hitting the ‘W’ key on your keyboard).
  3. Step 3) In the ‘Options’ toolbar (If you can’t find this go to ‘Window’ in your main menu and make sure that ‘Options’ is ticked in the drop-down list) you may also see two icons of the ‘Quick Selection’ Tool, one with a ‘ ‘ and one with a ‘-‘ sign next to it. Select the one with the ‘ ‘ sign next to it. Hover the tool inside the object’s parameter you while holding the left mouse button, drag the instrument towards the outside edges of the object and wish to remove from its desktop. You will see there appear a dashed line. This line represents the chosen area of the picture that you wish to remove. The aim is to get this line to fit the parameter of the object you wish to cut out.N.B.. To get a precise line, you will have to experiment with brush dimensions. Yоu саn dо thіs bу gоіng tо уоur ‘Options’ toolbar (mentioned above) where you may see the term ‘Brush.’ Next to ‘Brush’ is an arrow. Click on the brush menu, and the arrow will appear. In here you will be able to modify the ‘diameter’ of the brush to a size to suit the object you wish to remove from its desktop.

    If your line wonders beyond the parameter of the object you’re currently trying to cut out, you will want to modify your instrument to the ‘Quick Selection’ tool icon with the ‘-‘ sign from you ‘Options’ toolbar. Where your line has overstepped the parameter and is picking portions of the background that you do not want to be in the choice, hover the tool outside the parameter and again click and hold the left mouse button dragging the instrument towards the object parameter pushing the choice line back.

  4. Step 4) Once you’re content with your choice, go to ‘file’ and then ‘new.’ Modify the document so that it’s big enough to accommodate your choice and place the ‘Background contents’ to ‘Transparent.’
  5. Step 5) Go back to your picture and from the ‘Tools’ menu bar, select the ‘Selection’ tool. Clісk аnd hоld thе lеft mоusе buttоn whіlе dragging up the choice to your new file’s tab. You will be able to drop the chosen image.
  6. Step 6) In your new file, from your main menu select ‘Image’ and then from the drop-down menu select ‘Trim.’ In the ‘trim’ window ensure that ‘transparent pixels’ is selected and ‘top,’ ‘bottom,’ ‘left’ and ‘right’ and checked. Click ‘OK.’
  7. Step 7) Now go to ‘file’ and then ‘Save For Web & Devices.’ Ensure that the file type on the right-hand side drop down menu is set to.PNG and then click save. This will make certain that your picture is stored on a transparent background. That’s it, your done!

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